Editorial – Modern Lady Magazine

My first job in Thailand was a direct booking just 2 days after my arrival and I was so happy that it was an editorial for a Chinese magazine.  I was able to practice my Mandarin a bit and the photographer helped me get in touch with some other agencies abroad, one in HK of which they reached out and expressed interest.  Hopefully, they haven’t lost interest and I get to go there sometime in the (near) future. The photographer said these images would be in the Modern Lady Issue in March of 2016 during the time of Women’s Day.  It was meant to represent empowering women of today’s society.  Unfortunately, I am not positive if it made it in the issue as I was not able to obtain any of the issues as they were all in China. I’m hoping that it did and it was a brilliant issue.

The shoot was at this cute little inn that was both quaint and luxurious at the same time.  I remember it being quite the drive from where I was living in Bangkok and my taxi driver getting lost multiple times before I ended up just getting out and walking myself. It was such a secluded area and randomly placed that you could easily miss the hotel.  Within the hotel, next to it to be exact, there was this little bakery that was owned by a Japanese man, we bought some snacks, and boy were they delicious. Anyways, we shot within the vicinity. No one was around, which was odd for a hotel, but knowing that it was in the middle of no-where it was understandable and unfortunate because this was a pretty awesome hotel.

Here are some images from the shoot:

Location: The Eugenia Hotel (Bangkok, Thailand)
Photographer: Kevin Zhou
Hair & Makeup: @mewmonkmank

Agency: AREA Management (Thailand)

IG: @rebeccanneuy

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