Lost & Found

How can one be both at the same time?  Given my current situation, I'd say, it is quite possible. I keep cycling back.  It’s like I’m stuck in some kind of time loop.  I created a new draft to post, but I realized I’ve been a bit redundant.  I’ve been in the same set of... Continue Reading →

Dear World, pt 2

I have two choices: to live fearfully or to live fearlessly.  To cruise through life letting my days fly by or to live in the moment and embrace the feeling of today.  To stay in the land of familiarity or to take a step forward onto a mission that seems nearly impossible.  It’s the fork... Continue Reading →

Food. Pain. Me.

When I eat good, I feel good.  When I eat poor, I feel poor.  Why do I put myself in situations like that just for a small window of instant gratification? Every time I think about my relationship to food, I think of that one Weight Watchers commercial a few years back.  Hilarious, yet so... Continue Reading →

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