My Pvolve Update

With practice, you learn how to perfect the form.  With time, the workout itself gets easier.  And as you continue to use this regimen for your workouts, you will be able to increase the reps.

An individual’s journey is incomparable to another’s. So based on how you are feeling, only you can determine your comfort level.  If you’ve become a pro already that you don’t even need to watch the videos or flying through each series with ease without losing your breath, then it’s time to increase the reps and really focus on each movement.  It takes a lot of concentration and if you can commit to working out on a daily basis, commit to following through of each movement in the process. Don’t just commit to it, feel it, be present in the moment, and let your body be fully aware throughout the motion.

I feel being presently aware of the flow from each motion, each breath you take, and each feeling you have is essential to getting the most out of your workout.

The most important key is: When you feel good about your body, everything begins to fall into place.  First and foremost, you have to start with you. It’s you whom you love.  It’s your body whom you want to take care of.  So let the love start from within you. When you feel good about yourself, you don’t see the flaws and the imperfections, you see what you want to see, you see what you’ve never seen before.  And you know what? It feels really good. You’ll see that you’re beautiful inside and out and you’ll love yourself even more.

Once you really love yourself, the comparing yourself to others ceases to exist and you realize that this is your own personal journey and you are irreplaceable.  The world no longer revolves around pitying you.  The world never stops.  You are merely just one person on this entire planet that fills billions of people.  All having their own story to write, facing their own challenges, overcoming their own fears, all trying to complete the same goal in life, which is to be happy.  But the thing to remember is: EVERYONE HAS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PATH THAN YOU!

If you’re anything like me, then loving yourself has been one scary rollercoaster ride after another. I really hate rollercoasters. They absolutely terrify me and I will never ride them. EVER. But I like using rollercoasters as a reference because life has its’ ups and downs. Like rollercoasters. Duh.

It took me SO long to find a regimen that works for me.  I mean, I loved training with Freddy at Lifetime Fitness.  He’s the ultimate trainer.  And if I had more money flowing, I’d def work with him in a heartbeat because 1. He knows about my current situation and what workout routines will give me the results I need without the added stress to my neck, 2. He’s awesome, 3. I really enjoyed my sessions with him, especially boxing class . . . that was my favorite.  I have another trainer too, the one from my agency, Nikki is her name.  She is more of a nutritionist, but she also helped me with workouts as well.  I love Freddy as my trainer, but it was nice to actually have a workout buddy during the workout, a bonus when I didn’t have to count my reps but rely on someone else’s workout regime. She really helped me in the nutrition department.  She was basically the foundation to my eating success.

I mean, I still have difficulty with food, but that’s just me in my own personal problems with food and things that I need to work out, plus I really love sugar. I have accepted that I have a long way to go in bettering my relationship to food . . . with food. Like many things in my life, food is a work in progress.

Back to PVOLVE though, I wouldn’t call myself an expert.  I’m sure I have a long way to go before becoming a pro and being able to correctly teach anyone the form. However, being a teacher for PVOLVE is not my goal.  My goal is awareness. Yell it from the rooftop: “I LOVE PVOLVE” type of awareness.

PVOLVE is simply my favorite go-to workout. There’s a set calendar for it and I’ve been incorporating it monthly, since I first began in May (2 months ago). It’s the foundation to all my workout days.  I try to workout twice a day, but lately, if I just complete a PVOLVE workout for the day, I’m satisfied. I have to make sure I get a rest day in there somewhere, at most once a week.

Because of modeling, it requires me to stay focused on getting myself in the best shape possible and maintaining it. It’s harder to get in shape because of my condition and all the physical limitations I face.  I depend on PVOVLE because it is a low impact regimen that helps slim and tone my body rather than bulking it up while not causing a flare up of pain or anything detrimental to my health.  Out of all my workout regimens in the past 3 years, PVOVLE is the only one where I saw results almost instantly.

You have to focus.  You have to want it.  You have to believe it.  Everything is a process. And I’m excited to say that I am one happy customer.


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