A Writer’s Struggle

I have drifted away from my intentions.  I have gone down a different road.  A gravel path of the unknown.  Something that is not the forte I’m searching for.

Where’s the passion?  Where’s the imagination?  Where’s the creativity?  Have I lost it all? The part of me that enjoys sitting in front of a blank sheet with a pencil at hand?  Where is she?

Could it be the block that is, oh so incredibly common?  The block everyone talks about? The block that is tired of staring at a blank sheet?  The block that leads to procrastination? Finding excuses to do everything other than sit down and stare at the un-moving, frozen-in-place hand.  Thinking hard, but not coming up with the solution.  Having trouble finding the solution.  It’s a problem.  The block is pushing the answer farther away.

Is this a real block?  Are you sure?  Is it true?  The one so many people suffer?  No one is immune to it.  It happens.  But what to do?  What to do to get over the hump?

Roots, again.  Here it comes.  Find the roots.  Step out of the routine.  Go back to what you’ve done.  Where . . . and  . . . how did inspiration find you?  When were you the happiest?  When did words flow throughout the body giving waves of energy.  Multiplying by the minute and letting the fingers caress the keys on the board.  Letting them gracefully tap and click to find the right words.  The flow of words eager to be written.  Eager to send a signal to the heart, to the brain, and to your fingertips.  Let the words flow on paper like you’ve done before.

Write, don’t blog.  This is your issue.  Be the writer you’ve always wanted to become.  Don’t stick to a routine of blogging about your feelings.  Do it if you must, but stay true to your word.  Stay true to yourself.  Honest and open, those are the greatest feelings.  Originality and imagination, those are your greatest assets.  Keep to it and let the creativity run through your bones.

You’ve done it before.  It’s time to find it once more.


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