Is there no end to this cycle?  Round and round it goes.
Bolts of energy and motivation melts away giving me sudden exhaustion and pain.
It has begun again.
The high on life left me with regret and guilt of uncompleted tasks that gnaws at my brain.
A certain lack of motivation starts the cycle again.  Next stop, the lowest point of breaking down emotionally, physically, and mentally.  Here is to the repeat of my utmost exhaustion.  It’s a never-ending destruction of an emptiness feeling . . . of a dullness that tingles throughout my body . . . of a mindless act moving motionless without meaning.
Oh, how I hope, how I dream . . . how I wish this cycle overcomes the repeat button!
Let me write.  Let me shine through. Let me do what I love.
With my dreams, let me follow my heart.  With my courage, let me find the strength to put an end to this endless cycle of highs and lows to live freely, happily, and optimistically.
Let me enjoy my time on this earth without the constant repeat battle of an endless cycle.


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