Modeling is so much more to me than getting my pictures taken

When my world around me crashes in front of me, the only thing that keeps me sane is modeling.  Well, that and obviously writing.  Although, I am writing more often, I haven’t done any photo shoots in a while, mostly because of the recent discovery of the blood clot in my lung.  Yay me, as if I didn’t already have a lot of medical problems on my plate, let’s just add a potential heart attack!  No pain = Death, Pain = Alive.  Yay for “pain”! *SIGH*, why me?So, as many of you know, I have been struggling with some issues.  My voice being unheard, being invisible, yada yada yada and all that jazz, but it’s a feeling that is honest.

One way for me to stand out of the crowd is through modeling.  I enjoy being in front of the camera, not because I want to be that attention hog or that I am obsessed with myself.  Besides, I don’t think a lot of models, good models that is, are really that vain.  But, modeling gives me that escape from my reality.  I love the rush of the runway, love getting my hair and makeup done, and transforming to someone else.  A chance for me to be that social butterfly I’ve always wanted to become. A chance for me to show a glimpse of the real me.  A chance that I can open up and show more of my personality through the camera, through the photos taken, through everyone I meet when I’m in my modeling zone! I love being able to portray many different characters through modeling.  It gives me energy and I’m left feeling happier and more satisfied with who I am after each successful and awesome photo shoot or event.  I don’t mind being tired after a long day of modeling. For those of you who think modeling is all fancy and frills, it’s not! IT. IS. HARD. WORK!  But, telling you how modeling is a lot of hard work will have to be saved for a later date or I’m sure some of you already know that!  Through modeling, I am seen.  I am heard.  People notice that I am a person and there is that satisfaction about not being invisible for once.

Modeling is a part of my life that I would really like to pursue.  It’s a passion that brings me happiness in every aspect of my life.


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