Testing 1, 2, 3 . . .

We are all a bunch of loading signs in this world right now.  From shelter in place to lock downs to quarantines. Businesses are closed. School is not in session. It's surreal, the circumstances we are facing.  It's not just one town, it's all towns, cities, countries . . .  This coronavirus is effecting us... Continue Reading →

Stuck Inside

It's not because the threat of COVID19 It's not because I'm a natural hermit, a homebody I'm not unable It's not like I don't know how It's because I'm frozen. I'm stuck inside trapped I don't know how to escape from the maze of my own mind my own brain is working against my own... Continue Reading →

Branching Out: a rebeccanne update

If you're a reader of my blog, then you know I have been struggling a lot with my identity in my own world of chronic pain, on and off depression, and anxiety.  Most of you know I'm a model by profession and even fewer probably know I have a passion for writing. I've been mentioning... Continue Reading →

The 9-Month Journey

It was May 2018.  With our lease up in June and our flight out approaching the 22nd of May, we spent most of our nights at my childhood home, slowly moving out of our place in Oak Park and moving into the only home I knew.  But also the home that didn't feel like home... Continue Reading →

Well, hello there.

R: Well, hello there. W: It's been quite the year hasn't it?  R: Yes.  I believe so. W: Have you returned? R: Yes. W: Are you sure? R: Well, I sure hope so. .... R: Have you been waiting long? W: I've been here . . . Always. Ahh, so you've been.  You've never left,... Continue Reading →

Rebeisuke Adventures: Fav Eats of Bangkok

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for.  Well, actually more me than you.  I'm notorious for my procrastination.  I am, however, working on it.  It's been more than a month since I've left Bangkok, but my heart is still there.  Missing Bangkok's sabai-sabai lifestyle, the people over there, and quite frankly the modeling market... Continue Reading →

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