First Impression: 1 week of using Mary Kay Naturally Exfoliating Powder + Nourishing Oil

As some of you may know, I’m a huge fan of Mary Kay and when this came out I was DYING to try it. I waited a few months because I was . . . well, waiting for the perfect moment to hold a Mary Kay party, and to try it and learn from a Mary Kay expert before buying, but then the pandemic hit and I was like aww, nuts. ~Naturally~ I got tired of waiting. Ordered the exfoliating powder and nourishing oil at the beginning of August (LOL yes, I know, the shelter in place order began in March and it took me 5 whole months to actually buy the products I’ve been dying to try) and swore that I was going to make a vlog the moment I use the products for the first time. Received the products mid August and it took a month later for me to actually work up the courage/energy/motivation/etc. to vlog. But definitely the desire to try these products out was a huge incentive. Yes, I haven’t vlogged in a while as well as blogged. I think you all know me enough by now that I’m pretty inconsistent with things like this.

Anyways, you can watch my actual first impression below, or scroll past it to keep reading.

For all those who are readers more than watchers, my first impression was a mix of disappointment towards the exfoliating powder and complete love over the nourishing oil. There’s also the cleanser and moisturizing stick that comes with the Naturally Line, but I only purchased the exfoliating powder and nourishing oil since that’s what drew me to the line in the first place.

It’s been a week now since I’ve incorporated it into my routine. I’ve been using the exfoliating powder in the morning and the nourishing oil in the evening and to my surprise have changed my opinion on the exfoliating powder altogether.

On Day 1-4, I struggled finding the right consistency for the exfoliating powder, but by day 5, I realized I forgot to shake it. I’ve come to the conclusion that shaking it and mixing just the right amount of water activates it somehow creating the fizz that is supposed to happen, by that time I started loving it more. I think the reason it didn’t fizz on the first day of using it even though it is seen that I did indeed shook the bottle in the video is because I didn’t mix it with water immediately. There was some time between shaking it and actually “activating” it. *Shrug* maybe? I still don’t really know though because today I just tried mixing the nourishing oil with the powder with some water and it didn’t fizz like the last few times I’ve used it. So far, I’ve been having a difficult time finding the perfect powder : water ratio. I feel like I got it down, but maybe it just doesn’t fizz when combined with the nourishing oil? Speaking of nourishing oil, I liked it from day one, so I’m absolutely loving it now. I would still, however, keep the products separate. Although the powder was easier to apply with the oil and my face feels softer and smoother, I’d still like the oil to absorb more leaving it on versus washing it off with the exfoliating powder. I’m also going to switch and not use the exfoliating powder daily anymore. I will still use the nourishing oil every evening though because I like how soft my skin feels. And who knows maybe the exfoliating powder is the added boost in making my skin feel so fresh and wonderful?! We’ll see when I decrease the switch up my routine again the next following weeks.

I’m pretty sure Mary Kay created the Naturally line in hopes of targeting the more natural crowd. And it is most certainly gentle enough for people with sensitive skin. The exfoliating powder is light, the “beads” . . . “grit” or whatever you call it is not like other exfoliants where it’s harder and thicker, plus, I heard the Naturally exfoliating powder is safe to use daily as long as it is not combined with other deep cleansing masks or exfoliants.

First Impression/One Week Takeaways:

  1. I usually like the scrub part in an exfoliator, so when I first tried this product I was a little disappointed. The exfoliating powder is too light for that, but if you have sensitive skin, it’s worth a try, especially if you haven’t found anything that’ll help remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your face. I’m pretty sure I’ll still find myself using this more than my other exfoliators because even though it’s not what I’m used to, I feel more at ease knowing it’s more gentle for my skin.
  2. I can’t tell if it’s the use of both these products together that is making my skin feel 10x softer, smoother, and less dull, or if it’s one more than the other, but I am loving my new soft, smooth, and dewy skin.
  3. Surprisingly as an oil, it doesn’t feel oily or look greasy. And I have combination to oily skin. If anything, I wake up in the morning noticeably feeling less oily after applying this the night before. Is that strange?
  4. My desired consistency is almost double the amount of powder. It’s really satisfying to hear and see the fizz. This may be a placebo effect, but I feel it works better with the fizz.
  5. As the day progresses, I’m noticing combining the two products actually is amazing and feels really good. It feels EVEN SOFTER! I’m loving the way my skin feels right now. Honestly, it could also be a direct result of using both daily for the past week and it’s catching up or it could really be THAT instant.

So there’s my first week’s impression of using the new Mary Kay Naturally exfoliating powder and nourishing oil. Definitely in love and highly recommend.

until next time, rebeccanne

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