A Very Morbid Health Update

A part of me secretly hopes my neurologist finds something abnormal, at least it'll explain all the wrong that's been happening to me. I want answers, but also, I don't want things to be too serious to the point of dying a slow and agonizing death. To be completely dark and morbid, and well I... Continue Reading →


I don't know about you guys, but 2020 has been exhausting. It has been a trying year for me mentally, emotionally, and physically. Of course, there's been ups during this slow period in all of our lives, but this chronic pain of mine has been draining. As new symptoms surfaced, the amount of pain I've... Continue Reading →

An Ignorant Fool

As an Asian American raised in a suburban town an hour west of Chicago, I grew up pretty sheltered. I grew up privileged. I grew up feeling safe in my neighborhood and among my peers. I usually remain silent in matters like this because of fear of opening up, fear of being vulnerable & uncomfortable,... Continue Reading →

Review: Sweet Magnolias

Nothing but sweetness all around for this new Netflix original. I'm in love. And I can binge watch all kinds of movies and TV series, but this one, "OH, LORD", I LOVE this one! I'm not gonna lie, when I first saw the trailer for this, I rolled my eyes, oh gosh, why does it... Continue Reading →

That time I went to NYC

After three years and a shelter in place order, my cousin finally got around to editing a video we filmed together just for fun. It was my first time in NYC.  I scored a direct booking for a brand called Real Techniques.  They booked me as local, so technically I had to pretend I was... Continue Reading →

Who are you?

The dreaded "Who am I?" question. I am turning 30 this year.  I know, unbelievable, people still assume I'm like 18. Good genes, I guess. Thanks Mom & Dad. But still, this question really irks me. I mean, I know I've really struggled in the past about my identity.  Heck, I still find myself struggling today. But... Continue Reading →

My Quarantined Life

Hello WordPress World, How are you?  How's your family, your friends, every person you care for in this world? It's such a crazy time.  What have you been doing to pass the time? I hope all is well. You're all are staying healthy, staying indoors if you can, washing your hands regularly, wearing masks when you... Continue Reading →

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