And so the waiting game begins…

The calm silence fills the air.  The excitement has passed.  Breathing in the stillness.  The stale atmosphere.  Everything has simmered down.  All thoughts have settled.  Impatience. The anticipation worries the mind.  Gripping the ends of the seat.  Being held down. Unable to fight back.  It’s been too quiet.  A million thoughts enter the mind.  A million worries occupies the heart.

This is the game worth chasing.  The risk hesitant in pursuing.  The dream drenched in hope.

Is it me who’s waiting for what’s to come or is success waiting for me?  Will success even follow?  Will the dreams actually become a reality?  The deepest locked away kind of secrets?  The desires the heart yearns for?  Will it achieve its destination?

So many questions.  So many doubts.  Anxiety rising.  Heart weakening.  Worries increasing.

And so…

this is my waiting game…


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