Five Wishes I Hope to Never Regret

Scrolling through the facebook newsfeed, I came across a shared posting about the top five regrets people make on their deathbed:

If I discovered my death would be soon, these top 5 regrets would make my list. Happiness, achievements, success, dreams, family, and death have been occupying my thoughts recently. Right now, if I were to die, I would have so many regrets.  Mostly because I am still young and haven’t really lived yet! I am happy.  I am slowly entering a path that I have chosen for myself. I am slowly becoming the woman I am yearning to become.  My time is not up yet.  I still have a lot of heart to give, a lot of unspoken words to voice out, and a lot of love to share.  My journey on earth has yet to be complete.  I am just getting started.

I know there are a lot of unhappy people in the world. I know there are a variety of factors that fog the mind from the heart’s deepest desires.  This is something we all need to work on individually.  This is something we all understand.  We must first learn to accept ourselves as we are. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Honor yourself. Be proud of who you are and where you came from.  Remember to never dismiss yourself.  Everything that’s happened in your life and to you is for a reason.  Something better will come.  Be patient.

I think we could all agree on one thing: I don’t want to die with regrets.  This is a yearning, a specific desire to work towards.  Something’s gotta change.

Here are my Five Wishes to achieve before it’s my time to leave:

  1. I wish to find the courage to live a life I want to live and not because I feel I have an obligation to my family.
  2. I wish to work hard for the one thing that drives me, while still keeping my family a priority. Work hard for a passion you love, not for something that kills your spirit.
  3. I wish to have courage to find my voice and finally be able to confidently speak up for something I believe in.
  4. I wish to keep in touch with the friends I have now and reconnect with lost friends who fell between the transitions of a new beginning.
  5. I wish to let my guard down. Push all the depression and anxiety away to finally open up to the world and live happily with a big smile planted on my face.

I wish when it’s my time to go, everything and everyone will fall into place, as it was meant to be. I wish to have no regrets on the journey I have led.


A very wishful rebeccanne

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