Fear is an obstacle.

Some invisible creature pulling and tugging at you to stop you from moving forward.

 Fear is the enemy.

It’s that feeling that lingers in your gut and eats away at you.  Waiting for your failure, so it can laugh at your face.  It keeps you from overcoming your struggles.  It pushes you to the ground, letting you sink further underneath the surface.  Its’ tight grasp at your feet feels heavy, so it’s difficult to put one foot in front of the other.  Before you know it, everyone and everything has beat you to your destination and you’re left cold in the dust.

Fear is that unbelievably annoying factor that won’t leave you be.
Fear is that huge block of cement that makes you want to give up and avoid it.

It doesn’t allow you to chase what really matters.  It doesn’t allow you to be who you really want to be.  It doesn’t allow you to show the world who you really are.  You will never be free from it, until you let your guard down and stop letting fear control your actions.

Stop letting fear be the cause of your failures.
Stop letting fear be an obstacle to your happiness.

January 19, 2014


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