Food. Pain. Me.

When I eat good, I feel good.  When I eat poor, I feel poor.  Why do I put myself in situations like that just for a small window of instant gratification? Every time I think about my relationship to food, I think of that one Weight Watchers commercial a few years back.  Hilarious, yet so... Continue Reading →

Life as I Know it

A never-ending cycle that exists as I believe it does.  Although the mind a very sensitive place, can be the most important key to point you in the right direction.  A clear mind is the best mind.  It’s a peace of mind.  The beauty within.  It strengthens you.  Empowers you.  Guides you in the direction... Continue Reading →

Are You Stupid?

Three words that kill me from the start. While writing Tasks are only as difficult as the mind believes it is, I realized why I do what I do and why breaking the cycle has been such a struggle. Realizations happen when you least expect it and sometimes they come at exactly the right moments. At... Continue Reading →

Pain is my Savior

I guess you can say I’m the girl with the love - hate relationship with the big P.  It’s always been my guardian angel . . . a fucking messed up one, in my opinion. Oh, it’s saved me from being quadriplegic and actually, it saved me from a few potential deaths throughout my 26... Continue Reading →

好久不见- Long time no see

It’s been a while and I’m just about running out of excuses.  It’s time to take away the obligation and guilt of having the worst procrastination in the world of not being something or someone by now.  I’m focusing on me for a change.  I don’t want to spend my life proving myself to the... Continue Reading →


These next few months are going to be brutal.  The reminder is constant.  Yet, the call to action is inconsistent.  This struggle is gnawing at me.  My survival skills are weakening. I am weakening. My train of thought.  My motivation.  My happy spirit.  They are all failing.  My emotions are out of control.  Although, you cannot... Continue Reading →

Story Time: About a Girl, Part 2

Click here for Part One. “She needs a neck brace.”“She will be fine without a neck brace.”“I demand you give her a neck brace, even if it’s just a soft collar!” A week finally passed and I was released to go home.  I remember it clearly . . . well, almost clearly . . . I... Continue Reading →

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