It’s coming….

A new beginning I should say. A less dramatic start. But, it feels like such. It's a big deal, at least to me it is.  I'm jumping for joy, literally... screaming in my head with happiness.  I'm gleefully at bliss, if that is even such a thing. It starts from here.  It can only go... Continue Reading →

a life without weekends

It can be draining, but this is the life I chose.  I’m neither complaining nor regretting this decision because this is the life I have worked so hard for.  There’s really no further explanation, I’m sure you all are sick of me talking about how much modeling means to me anyway…. 😉 I’ve been busy... Continue Reading →

i choose you…

I choose you…. the one that makes my rollercoaster of a life a never dull ride the one that makes my dreams soar into reality the one that makes my heart beat faster with every step into the unknown the one that makes me move forward instead of 2 steps backward the one that makes me... Continue Reading →

What goes up, must come down

This is the boat that’s rockin’.  The gust of winds twisting and twirling. Circling and wrapping around forming an invisible bubble.  Ability to breathe, but for how long?  The ocean waters crashing into.  Unable to breakthrough.  It uproars and swallows.  No teeth. Just the force the the wind and rushing waters pushing down.  Pulling and... Continue Reading →

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