a life without weekends

model life: a life without weekends

It can be draining, but this is the life I chose.  I’m neither complaining nor regretting this decision because this is the life I have worked so hard for.  There’s really no further explanation, I’m sure you all are sick of me talking about how much modeling means to me anyway…. 😉

I’ve been busy testing, trying to get my book in order.  So, far I’ve shot with 7 photographers and currently waiting on the images. Actually, I just received my first set of images from photographer Hannah Dexter this morning.  I am inching off my seat to share these images with everyone, however I have to wait ’till my launch!  Still working on getting my body toned because that’s the next step my agents want me to be at. They actually wanted me toned… yesterday… Therefore, not meeting the toned requirements puts a damper on the whole modeling career thing. Being a High Fashion model has tough requirements, as it should be… however, it doesn’t change the upset anxious feeling for I have to continue to wait.  In two weeks, there will be a very important meeting with the agents to see if I make the cut to be on the New Gen Show with 2 intensive days of castings.  I believe I am 100% ready for it.  I can do it, but it isn’t my decision to make.  It all depends on my walk, which I’ve had previous training before I got signed and have been on a couple of runways since I started working in March—which is definitely not long for a newer model…. So, I am crossing my fingers that they overlook the not as toned body.

Let me break it down a little farther ….
mostly for myself to give me that extra boost of confidence and self-esteem and to remember not to beat myself up over not doing anything- *you’ve come so far, don’t lose faith in yourself*

*You have exceeded the expectations to lose the inches off both hips and waist.  You’ve booked quite a bit of jobs since March (you signed with Stewart Talent in November, but didn’t do anything because it was the “slow period” and signed with Factor in February and started booking jobs in March) — I think you’ve been pretty successful thus far… Furthermore, photographers want to work with you and the photographers you’ve worked with have said they’ve liked working with you and hope to work with you again.  Don’t doubt yourself. You’ve come so far. You’ve shown so much commitment.  You have the perseverance.  You practice until you’re comfortable.  You move well and take direction well.  You’ve even danced in front of people like you dance in private.  You are strong and you are growing.  The people you’ve worked with so far has stated, you have a unique face…. which I know is unbelievable to you.  However, hearing people exclaim, “YES! I’ve been dying to work with you!”, “YES! Girl, you would be SO good for my book!”, “You have such a unique face!”, definitely does make you feel a whole lot better about yourself.  That is extremely good.  Don’t.  Doubt.  Yourself.

The only thing not going for me is a matter of being toned.  Let’s see what happens.  I’m basically going to be in exercise mode and watching what I eat for the next 2 weeks… I hope. I wish. I pray that I get in…

As my title states, within the next three weeks, I will not have a weekend.  I’ll have 2 more test shoots and counting this month, 3 runway jobs, and my first print gig–which is still pending, we’re waiting for final details and payment, if payment is not received, I’m not working tomorrow…If they receive the payment, I will be working and Sunday I’ll have a test shoot with TenPhotos.  Definitely looking forward to that one!  Next week, I’ll barely be in the office due to preparation and making sure my walk is good for the next 3 shows.  Speaking of which, I have 2 shows back to back in Michigan, it’ll be busy busy and I won’t even be in the city of Chitown.  AND… I won’t be back in Chicago until after midnight, also meaning I won’t be in my bed until probably 3am… holy crap, I just realized that. AND THEN, the following week is my audition that determines my modeling fate for this year. Being in the New Gen Show is extremely important to me. It could potentially make my career, what a boost that would be?! And, c’mon, I ain’t gettin’ any younger…. Following with a shoot on Saturday, the 23rd, and my first real break on Sunday and waiting for my final runway show of the season.  Wooo!  that was a long one.  I can’t wait to get started!  Therefore, I will not have a weekend to relax until pretty much the end of this month, which will be quite a while…

Wish me luck.  Send positive vibes toward me, so I can try to get as much toned as possible before the day that determines my modeling fate of 2015.  Give me energy and give me strength for what I desire most is happening quickly.  Give me energy and give me strength for my weakness is sitting on the couch, munching on junk food with my eyes glued to the television screen. Give me energy and give me strength for what I yearn for is what I need to work for.  Cardio every day. Eat healthier than the healthiest I’ve already been eating.  Cut the bullshit and just do it.  This is what I want.  Give me energy and give me strength for this is the path I’ve chosen for success.


Follow my world on Instagram.  Where pictures speak louder than words.  I don’t always have time to write and posting pictures from my life is a different form of expression.  Follow my journey in my world of people, places, and things.. but mostly food and model life.  🙂  @rebeccanneuy

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