Beauty Editorial – Elegant Magazine

This was such a fun shoot and definitely something I’ve never done before. && most importantly, my very first editorial as a model.

Days prior to the shoot, I went over to the nail artist’s house, Ashley, and she gave me a mini manicure while she fitted fake nails on my fingers so she could pre-paint them for the shoot. We talked about nail salons and how unsanitary they actually are and to never ever go to one of those cheapo nail salons because they don’t sterilize their equipment.  She, then, continued to scare me with the million of horror stories from her clients and other people who went to get a simple pedicure or manicure at such establishments.  She also provided me with some awesome tips on how to get into hand modeling and how to elegantly pose, and of course told me to practice moving all my fingers individually in every direction with subtle and centimeter movements. Hand modeling is harder than you think, guys!

On the day of the shoot, I ended up feeling a bit lost and was contacting my booker and Andrea, the makeup artist, whom I’ve worked with once prior to see if I was at the correct address and I was indeed at the correct place!  *Shaking my head* at my previous anxiety filled mind . . . .  Lisa, the photographer, was out running last minute errands for the shoot when I got there, so I sat patiently inside her home, while I waited.  The table had already been pushed back leaving the kitchen tile completely bare.

We took one of those inflatable kiddie pools into Lisa’s kitchen. I guess we could’ve went outdoors, but I think it was either raining or too cold to just be laying in a kiddie pool in my swimsuit… hmm.. So, as it was a kiddie pool, I had to bend my knees while being graceful with my upper body and my lanky arms dancing in the air.  Thank goodness for beauty headshots as the rest of my body laid awkwardly in the kiddie pool.  At one point, I got so cold that I had to adjust myself by twisting at my  torso to bend my knees inside the kiddie pool.

We occupied the entire kitchen with the kiddie pool as center focus, all the lighting surrounding it, the hose connected to the hot water filling the pool, and a massive light shining on Andrea’s makeup chair. Lisa’s son came home and walked around like this wasn’t new to him.  I guess being the child of a photographer, nothing is ever out of the ordinary!

I am still in amazement with the turnout of these images.  And so very thankful, they chose me for this shoot!

“Water Colors”
Beauty Editorial in the March 2016 Issue of ELEGANT Magazine
Photographer | Lisa Sciascia ( – Instagram
Retoucher | Habiber Rahman
Nail Artist | Ashley Gregory ( – Instagram
MUA | Andrea Samuels Makeup ( – Instagram
Model: Rebecca Uy (me)

Agency: Select Management Chicago (updated Feb 2022)

IG: @rebeccanneuy

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