Look Book FW2016 Wanted Collection – Anna Brown

This was an interesting shoot in a deserted nook in Macy’s on State St., Chicago. Formerly known as Marshall Fields. Actually, the entire floor was completely bare, but not exactly dead space.  It was like a scene on hoarders.  They kept everything they used from when it was Marshall Fields, from the mannequins to the tables, to even the old Christmas decorations.  It’s like walking down memory lane, but not so chipper and more creepy, like a ghost town or an old shopping center overrun by zombies.  That’s how eerie it was. I think you can get the picture by viewing some of the pieces below from one of Chicago’s Emerging Designers: Anna Brown.

Shooting this look book aimed more towards editorial than catalog and so refreshing to have in my book. I like portraying a character with a story and the inspiration for this was just that.  A story.  Something with creativity and more with an edge . . . very boss-like.

I loved working with this team.  Everyone on the team was so chill & their vision fit perfectly with one another that made this look book the way that you see it below.  The look book itself is well put together. It’s all in the details.  Yes, the clothes, it’s all about how to wear the clothes, but the minor subtle details in the background.  Location of the chair behind me, the angle of it, whether or not to include that rad black hat that fits the theme, the look, and the feeling – it’s all about the inspiration and I loved that!  There’s emotion.  There’s feeling.  Everything together helps to present the clothes in manner that does it justice. This look book gave the clothes a bit of an edge, it gave it personality and you can get a sense of what the designer is like through her designs.

I’d work with this team again in a heartbeat.

Designer: Anna Brown (http://anna-brown.com/collections/wanted.php)
Photographer: Todd Crawford (http://toddcrawford.com/)
Hair & Makeup: Colleen O’Sullivan (http://cosullivanbeauty.com/)

Agency: Factor Chosen Chicago; Model: me


IG: @rebeccanneuy

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