it started with a dream

in a world filled with ups and downs, love and hate, pain and fear, one can dream and has every right to chase it.

it’s crazy how life works.  it’s crazy how the world changes. it’s crazy how one thing leads to another. it’s crazy how people come and go within a lifetime. it’s crazy how one relationship strings a whole sequence of events and how one event changes you.

if i hadn’t had met this one girl, i wouldn’t have gone into modeling. if i hadn’t had gone through the stages of depression and anxiety, if i hadn’t had fallen, i wouldn’t be where i am today.  i don’t know what would have become of me.  everything happens for a reason.  everything happens just the way it’s supposed to be.

it started out as an unreachable fantasy… a dream with the head in the clouds, waiting for a shooting star to shut eyes tight and wish upon a star . . . but now, it’s my reality.  i’m living the dream.

for years, i was dreaming of a fantasy.  it wasn’t even real.  i was pretending that i was a somebody, when i really was just sitting at home dreaming about a good life.  

i cannot even begin to process that with the start of this one dream, it led to an uprising of multiple opportunities. things that i never thought were possible.  it’s crazy because it used to be so unrealistic, so illogical.  

i often keep my wishes secret. keep it hidden from those who touch and claim it as their own. i tend to be overly protective of my dreams, because once admitted through spoken words, the dream begins to fade and my wish is no longer . . .

to dream is to feel your heartbeat rise. dreams are what makes living happily possible. it’s the chase that really counts. the countless rejections and the ability to get back up.  the trying a million times before you get it right.  the feeling you get once achieved. such a wonderful feeling it is. it’s amazing to be alive and feel such emotions.  the heartaches, the pain, the hurdles, but overcoming those obstacles create the best feeling in the world. knowing that you chased your dream and you reached it is one of the greatest self-journey one can ever discover.

a thought creates a dream and an action activates something from within and from there the sky’s the limit. you discover yourself. you suddenly believe anything is possible and you become invincible. dreams matter for you to go on a journey of self-discovery.

i’m thankful for this one dream.  it led me to have faith in myself and give me strength to find self-righteousness. to feel empowered within my own soul and learn to mature into the very best person i can be.  i am not perfect, i make mistakes, but i’m glad that through my dreams i can make anything possible.

it started with a dream, and this dream led to a chain of never-ending dreams that can be made possible. a dream turned reality.


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