Not so secret anymore….

LaunchedSecretly.  Into the night.  It has been revealed.  The one we’ve all been waiting for.  The one I’ve been so enthusiastic to share.  It’s here.  It’s finally here. My online portfolio has been up and launched.

My portfolio has been up since the day I last posted, but I was waiting to share the good news until I was finally launched through their Instagram, and that day has arrived.

Now that I tested with a bunch of different photographers . . . now that I have a variety of images of myself . . . now what?  I’m looking forward to the New Gen Show in July.  Now that I’m launched, I’m assuming that I exist.  I’m no longer lingering in the shadows and I can go out to more print castings, see other placement agencies elsewhere…Oh my word, the possibilities are endless! 

I really do hope that I’ll be able to walk in the show.  It’s like a debut, at least that’s what it feels like. I’m excited for this journey to get started.  I’m excited for the progression of this chapter in my life.  It was worth the wait.  It’s all up to me now. I sorted out my personal problems.  My past led me to become a better person.  A stronger person.  I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for my perseverance.  Give me strength to overcome this obstacle, for it is my own weakness that weighs me down and will be responsible for my own failures.  Success will come only when my actions match with the goals I have set in place.  I will eat healthy.  I will exercise daily.  I will find the strength in myself to fight the battle within me to be healthy, to not only reach that goal, but also remain healthy.

I think in my mindset through family and what society has taught me, being “model skinny” isn’t healthy, but actually, if you are doing everything that is good for your body, you are in fact healthy.  There’s a fine line that have yet to be discovered… Or, maybe I have discovered the line that crosses how one defines being healthy from someone who is not healthy. What is healthy anyway?  It’s a debate that has been discussed for years.  Not one person is right or wrong, but the answer remains the same.  It’s quite simple actually: Eat right and exercise.  That is the key, and there’s nothing else to it.  The question is what to eat and how to exercise? The answer to this is a tricky one for everyone is different.  We all come in different heights, sizes, regions, but most importantly, we are all different by the way we eat, and what we can eat and the limitations we have all grown into. I know my story all too well.  I understand what food hurts me, what exercises I cannot do.  I understand my limits and it’s up to me to figure out my healthy path.

Bottom line.  I will be in that show.  I will be seen in front of placement agencies and casting directors.  I will be successful in this industry.  This is the path I have chosen and I will not give up.

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