Long day… more like LOOONG WEEK!

After leaving my house on Monday morning, saying “Bye Clay!”, the cutest nephew ever! and hearing him sigh, whispering, “It gonna be long day”  “Ah jeez, I hope not!”  I say smiling down at him.  Not once did I think it was going to be a long day, nor an emotionally filled one.

Yes, I was exhausted from the previous days events of “working” on a Sunday and Tuesday attending some kind of packaging expo in Chicago.  Walking this way and that at a rather large convention, the largest I have ever been to that is.  Walking and more walking, eating bad food and walking ’till my calves were sore.  Literally, walked for 8 hours straight per day and sitting for 10 minutes to swallow a slice of Connie’s Pizza.  That’s a total of 16 hours straight, (maybe a little less since we left early on Tuesday)  By the way, I am a huge pizza fan, but I don’t care for Connie’s Pizza . . .at all.  Oh and another thing.  Had pizza for lunch last Saturday, pizza for lunch on Sunday, leftover pizza for dinner Monday, and more pizza for lunch on Tuesday . . . That outdated, but catchy Bagel Bites song is now playing in my head on repeat: “Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time!” I think it’s safe to say, I will not be eating pizza anytime soon.

But, what the heck!  My nephew, Clay, was surely on the right track.  Long day it was.  Knowing that one of my favorite aunts has been sick since March.  Knowing that she had a brain aneurysm that caused her to fall into a coma for a couple weeks (or was it a month?).  Knowing that it was severely difficult for her to communicate with us.  Knowing that I only visited her a couple times, a total of 3-4 times!  It was not enough.  The time is short. We all knew there was a possibility.  We all prayed for a miracle.  We all witnessed her recognizing us.  Her ability to say my cousin’s name.  Her ability to have emotions like happy smiles whenever she recognized someone’s face or voice and tears saddened by the thought of not being with us in the future.

“Goodbye?  What do you mean ‘Goodbye?'”

Only to find out by a shared post by the husband’s son who shared it via the husband’s sister on . . . WHAT THE F@#%?! FACEBOOK? Are you F@#%&^#$ kidding me?
Just hours after her death, she felt inclined to share the news with people via a social media network.  You lazy piece of  . . . ! There is no consideration whatsoever for my aunt’s side of the family.

We thought there would be more time.  Just a little more time.  It ended so abruptly. There’s way too much drama involved.  Multiple dramas, multiple people involved and I’m sitting back and watching it all happen.  It angers me.  Drama shouldn’t happen, especially in a scenario like this.  She wouldn’t want people fighting.  She wouldn’t want people to turn on one another.  She was a saint who loved everyone and their flaws and who received so much love in return.

Listening to my mom be completely devastated and shattered in the office that Monday afternoon finding the news on the facebook feed.  I was in a state of shock.  Let me process this for a minute and after hearing my mom confirm it with the cousins and their outrage over the whole facebook thing.  And continuing to listen to her call each cousin, no matter the distance regarding the heart wrenching news, came on the waterworks.  Clearly, it was a decision, a poorly made decision, based on one woman’s eagerness to share with the facebook community about a particular someone’s passing.  This. was. not. a. very. smart. idea.  I wish I was able to post anonymously on that post saying, thank you for informing us via facebook, I would have much rather received the news by my mother who received it by an actual phone call.  I would like very much to give her a piece of my mind, but I wouldn’t want to cause more drama, besides this is about my Tita, my dearest Aunt.  Like I said, she wouldn’t want a war to break out.  She was a glue and brought everyone together.  Without the glue, what is going to happen to our family?

This is going to be a very emotionally involved, drama filled week indeed.  And I was so looking forward to a well rested and relaxed, no emotion attached, sit in front of the TV and with little walking needed after walking for more than 16 hours total within 2 days of the week. I was hoping to be a bum this weekend, but I’m in for a roller coaster of high emotions, and in the middle of the multiple dramas arising in the family.

I’m going to need at least a 2 week break to recover from this.   That might be too long,  Let me alone for at least 48 hours with the doors shut, the outside world mute, and me wrapped in a blanket of nothingness.

On a happy note, I am planning on signing the contract soon. 


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