Story Time: About a Girl, Part 2

Click here for Part One. “She needs a neck brace.”“She will be fine without a neck brace.”“I demand you give her a neck brace, even if it’s just a soft collar!” A week finally passed and I was released to go home.  I remember it clearly . . . well, almost clearly . . . I... Continue Reading →

A Writer’s Struggle

I have drifted away from my intentions.  I have gone down a different road.  A gravel path of the unknown.  Something that is not the forte I’m searching for. Where’s the passion?  Where’s the imagination?  Where’s the creativity?  Have I lost it all? The part of me that enjoys sitting in front of a blank... Continue Reading →

Story Time: About a Girl

It was October 2005, the primary physician told her she was crazy.  “It’s all in your head. There’s nothing wrong with you.”  The pain on the right side of her neck was progressing. My neck hurts.  What’s wrong with me?  Complaint after complaint after complaint.  Her mother searched high and low for a doctor.  For... Continue Reading →

Hungry or just bored? . . . a little victory

hmm… Light fills the dark room as the refrigerator door swings open.  The cold air rushes out leaving goosebumps on her skin.  She’s tapping her pointer finger to her chin.  hmm…. Squatting down to eye level, she sticks her head inside, hmm...  Looking into the cold box, she notices there’s nothing but veggies, some pasta,... Continue Reading →

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