Testing 1, 2, 3 . . .

We are all a bunch of loading signs in this world right now.  From shelter in place to lock downs to quarantines. Businesses are closed. School is not in session. It’s surreal, the circumstances we are facing.  It’s not just one town, it’s all towns, cities, countries . . .  This coronavirus is effecting us all on so many levels.  The only thing that remains constant is our humanity, but even then people are fighting each other over the most simplest of items. People are hoarding.  People are being selfish.  People are not being neighborly.  It’s not cool.

In the end, we are all people.  We need to help each other.  Build each other up, not tear each other down. Times are tough.  You begin to see the real colors of people and it’s a terrifying sight.

On the upside . . . as a silver lining . . . being stuck at home isn’t all that bad. I mean once you get over the fact that you’re unemployed with no income coming in.  Once you calm yourself so that the overwhelming anxiety doesn’t engulf you and sink you into an endless mood.

As someone who has been married for three years coming this October, with no kids, just the two of us. It’s like a staycation.  Like going on a solo journey in self-discovery.  I don’t know about you, but I already see the growth within myself, as an individual; and together with my husband.

I don’t know your situation.  I don’t know your story.  But I know mine. And I’m so grateful for the story that’s been slowly unfolding before my eyes.

Maybe, as sick and twisted as this is, it was supposed to play out this way.  As sick and twisted as people are getting sick from this virus, some leading to even death . . . this was supposed to teach us all a lesson – in the most sick and twisted kind of way.

Maybe, just maybe, it teaches us to be human.  Maybe, just maybe, it teaches us to value relationships more than possessions.  Maybe, just maybe, it teaches us to stay connected with your inner self, your outer self, with those around, and maybe, just maybe the world we live in.  Take care of her.  This is the world we live in. Stop polluting our waters, our soil, our atmosphere.  Stop creating chaos and learn to love each other. This is the water we all drink.  This is the air we all breath.  These are all basic necessities to live and boy, I don’t know about you, but I want to live.

Even though, I’ve faced mental, emotional, and physical hardships.  Even though, there has been one hurdle after the next.  Even though, I’ve . . . we’ve dealt with our fair share of obstacles.  This is a time of rest.  To do a little soul-searching. A time to be 100% fully present.  To reset back to our roots.  Back to centering ourselves. Balancing ourselves.  Maybe, just maybe, this is what we are all meant to be doing with this much needed break from our busyness of life.

Appreciate where you are in life.  Be grateful for all that you have.  Pay no attention to what you miss, what you think you should have, what you think you need . . . because all you really need is right under your nose.  Be here. Now. This is your moment to learn to fully forgive the past, accept the present, and embrace this moment.

You’ve got no where to be. Why not make the most of it and just stay still.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate all those working their asses off for us to survive. Let’s take a moment to thank those servicing us.  The doctors, the nurses, the people working in the hospitals, in the CDC, your mail person and all delivery personnel, your grocers working their butts off to get food on the shelves, even the garbage people doing their weekly routes, picking up all our trash that we somehow accumulate within a single week, to all the people who need to go to work and are unable to work from home, and to all the workers I forgot to name.  This is a moment to praise your work.  Thank you for your service.  Thank you for keeping the lights on, the water running, and gas going.  And special shout out to the artists in the world for keeping us all entertained.  Grateful. Even though we don’t have much, I am grateful. 

I’ve always found myself shutting down to the point where I sink into darkness . . . depression, maybe.  I end up giving into binge watching TV until I blink and see that it’s time for bed. But the past two days, I’ve focused on my creative side. Accepting this is me. Playing around with what I’ve been wanting to do, but have been too afraid to do anything about it. I decided to take advantage of this being stuck at home situation and embrace all of me. Weirdness and all.  I feel free, freer than I have in a long time. 

rebeccanne, wishing you well and hoping this will pass as quickly as it came. 

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