Well, hello there.

R: Well, hello there.

W: It’s been quite the year hasn’t it? 

R: Yes.  I believe so.

W: Have you returned?

R: Yes.

W: Are you sure?

R: Well, I sure hope so.


R: Have you been waiting long?

W: I’ve been here . . . Always.

Ahh, so you’ve been.  You’ve never left, have you?  You’ve been here this whole time waiting.  Did you ever wonder where I’ve been?  Left you to collect dust.  Let enough time fly by so you can forget about me.   Were you ever curious?  But, alas, a soul does not flow through your flashing line on the blank page of my document. There’s no point in wondering where little old me had run off to and why I would leave the world hanging on by a thread.  But I’m just a nobody.  To be honest – you don’t even know me.  You only know what I write and I haven’t even written for all to see in a long while.  I left you. I could’ve fallen.  I could’ve died. I could’ve been stuck in a ditch somewhere and no one would’ve ever known.

I’m simply another writer in this blogging WordPress world so vast. Without a question to where I’ve been hiding or what I’ve been doing.  The last you’ve heard from me was being in Hong Kong and writing about my favorite eats of Bangkok. It’s been six months since you’ve last heard from me, but it feels like eternity since I left you to fend for yourself.  Although – it seems like you’re doing quite well on your own.  It’s shocking to see people still noticing me while being on such a long hiatus.

I haven’t given up though.  You’ve been on the back of my mind and I’m sorry you’ve fallen out of my priority, but in the conditions that I’ve found myself in again, thinking about you has risen in full force. I just . . . don’t know how to begin again.  I just . . . feel like too much time has passed to even be forgiven.

Do you forgive me, my dear WordPress?  For all the times I’ve pushed you aside when life became too interesting to stop and write, when life became too dull to even form any sort of words, or when I lacked the spirit of motivation, or even more terrible habit of procrastinating and pushing all things even further from my grasp or from all my highs and lows of life? I’ve abandoned you and my lack of presence has created a gap so wide even I am uncertain if I can make a comeback.  I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.

I can promise to do better, to be better, but words mean nothing if not followed by any action.

So, it’s been a while WordPress. You and I both know that.  As for the readers, you haven’t missed much to be honest. I don’t even know if you’re there.  I am here. Can you hear me?

I’m alive and well. I’ve returned home from my 9-month trip abroad and returned to the roots of everything that connects me to myself.

beginning again & hopefully here to stay, 




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