Why be so frightened of the unknown?  If your yearning is so deep like you believe it is, then why do you let fear win?  Why does your internal struggles continue to hinder your ability to carry on your pursuit?  I thought we were passed this.  I thought you had no boundaries.  I thought as you dream, you implement.  There was a small time that you did and succeeded, why so anxious now? What happened to that dream-doer?  Chase it.  It’s calling out to you, yet you let it wait.  You, yourself, despise waiting, yet you are the one making yourself wait in the end.  What kind of actions are you taking to move forward with your life?  Why are you living the zombie-like state you’ve tried so hard to steer away from?  This stale, stubborn self that moves inches instead of feet. You’re drowning in quicksand and if you don’t act fast and think of multiple solutions, you’ll be stuck with the same tedious end result.  What made you take two steps backward instead of leaping forward?  What’s happened to you?  Who moved your cheese?  Since when does the idea of change, the idea of being unsuccessful stop you from trying?  

Find your courage.


Don’t look back.

Stay focused on the present and try.  Chickening out doesn’t exist.

Dream. Inspire. Motivate. Implement.

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